The typical restaurant Malcozinhado is set in a fourteenth century building, and well in the Historic riverside Port is a major symbol of the city. It is about 2 meters above the water level of the Douro.

The side walls and the beams Wooden are genuine and have already with 6 centuries.

Although it is not known what was in other times more distant.

It is known however that was owned by Wall & C ª (English), and became a restaurant in 1976 with the name of the Round Table. The author of this transformation was the sr. Fernando Valente Maia.

The name Malcozinhado already has nearly 600 years. It was at the time a restaurant frequented by Portuguese poet Luís Vaz de Camões.

This restaurant and Fado House passed major Portuguese artists renowned throughout the world, whose names will not be forgotten, and one of those names the symbol par excellence of the phenomenon Fado, D ª Amalia Rodrigues.

The frequency of this restaurant is distinct. Many socialites passed through here. Highlighting the Prince Edward of England, Presidents of the Portuguese Republic, other Ministers and Deputies, Artists Film and Television, Olympic athletes and many others ...